Terry Murray, The Inventor Mentor: Science Through Invention

To watch a kid at one of Terry’s workshops is to behold total absorption: kinetic, mental and creative. Terry combines irresistibly cool spectacle with exciting hands-on engagement. He powerfully enthuses kids to experiment and to invent — to poke and probe the world for its secrets, and to pursue their invention ideas into rolling, spinning, soaring, catapulting, gushing life. His inventions demonstrate physical or chemical principles so vividly, you almost don’t need further explanation. Still, the way he weaves explanation into the drama of the presentation is inimitably immediate, visual and kinesthetic. All this is enlivened by Terry’s broad enthusiasm and fun.

An accomplished MIT-trained inventor and mechanical engineer, Terry brings remarkably wide knowledge and resilient ingenuity to his work with kids.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Terry we are fellow travelers. I saw a video of a soap film projector of yours last night. I used one in a planetarium for about 3 years with good results. Good for science museums as well. I would like to speak with you about it. Eric Swan. please call me at 270 699 9144.

  2. We had Terry for the birthday of my son, turning 11. It was a huge hit – 2.5 hours of rockets blasting, water spurting, oversized soap bubbles etc. etc. The kids loved it, and Terry kept everything safe – highly recommended for a birthday party.
    – a mom in cambridge.

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