Birthday Parties

Why hire a scary clown when you can hire a scary inventor? We kid, we kid! Terry isn’t scary. He’s playful and inviting and barrels of fun.

The Inventor Mentor offers a host of fascinating and exhilarating science activities for your child’s birthday party..

— pick from the menu! All activities allow kids to play with inventions (with the exception of the fire skates), and most are a mix of invent and play: kids make an invention (like a rocket or a water balloon catcher) and then get to play with it.

Each birthday party lasts up to 3 hours  and is suitable for children aged 6 and up. A three hour party costs $350 for up to 15 children.

Many of the following activities are included, pick your preferences from these possibilities. Most are outdoor activities, but I have many indoor activities available also.


The Kid Launcher— Terry launches kids along a slip and slide on an inflatable sled. Great for hot days. Or kid-launching can be combined with water cannon play for an extravaganza.

The Kid Launcher

Water bottle rockets — Kids launch 2-liter soda bottle rockets skyward with a bicycle pump. With wings, decorations, piggybacking airplanes, etc., they explore rocketry and aerodynamics in launch after launch.

Water Bottle Rocket

Air tube rockets and gliders — Kids make their own high pressure air rockets, then launch them. Kids can experiment with different rocket designs throughout the party.

Air Tube Rockets

Big bubble wands — With wands and special state-of-the-art bubble solution, kids make gigantic bubbles. These work especially well on humid days. Kids can chase the bubbles (of course), make up new games with them, or deploy them as targets for other toys and inventions.

Giant Bubble Wand

The Airzooka and smoke rings — Kids explore the amazing properties of the Airzooka — a simple air cannon toy — and then further explore them with smoke and smoke rings. With older children, we can look into the math of why this happens. Also for older children: with a propane-filled Airzooka, fire rings.

Airzookas with Fog Rings

Water wars— what it sounds like! Water cannons, water ball launchers, spritzers, squirters, water balloons. Water wars are well suited to the last half hour of a party. Swim goggles for eye protection are provided.

Water Wars

Water balloon launchers— We set up a bungee cord to launch water balloons, and then kids make their own catchers out of tennis rackets. It’s a great chance for kids to use their hands, make their own invention, and then have a blast playing water balloon catch.

Water Balloon Launcher

Marshmallow launcher — Kids make their own blow-dart guns to shoot marshmallows, or try to catch marshmallows shot from an air-powered marshmallow cannon. Another great mix of invention and play.

Fire skates demonstration — Terry demonstrates some extreme skating of his own invention.

Custom themes and requests can be fun to work with too; don’t hesitate to ask Terry about adjustments.