Afterschool Programs

Afterschool programs

Where kids are the inventors! In afterschool workshops Terry guides children through the whole invention process, from the initial stages of brainstorming ideas straight through to prototyping and building their inventions. In past workshops kids have designed boats, fishing rods, robotic spiders, even hovercrafts. Kids also get to experiment, for both fun and inspiration, with some of Terry’s own inventions for kids — and then perhaps modify and improve them.

A course is eight weekly, one-hour sessions. It’s suitable for kids eight and up and can be geared to different age and skill levels. The cost per student is $70 with a maximum enrollment of 10 students.

Classes are also available for homeschoolers in the day-time: please contact me for more info.

For the Fall 2010 term…

…a focus will be the exciting and instructive world of launching inventions. We’ll experience and talk about the invention process: first exploring kids’ ideas for launchers, then building them. Launching inventions might include air rockets, gliders, soda bottle rockets, and parachutes with cameras. Other projects will include take-apart electronics, hovercrafts, and remote-controlled vehicles (with launchers of course!).