Enrichment Programs

School Enrichment…

The Inventor Mentor has been performing science demos for elementary and middle school students for the past 8 years — to rave reviews, if we do say so ourselves. His demonstrations shed dramatic light on such questions as how and why smoke rings form, the science of sound, Newton’s laws at work (e.g. in the Kid Launcher! It’s less worrisome than it sounds…), and how we see (via a ghostly strobe light illusion).

Demonstrations are suitable for kids ages 5 and up.

…and WHOLE school enrichment

One of Terry’s specialties is to work with an entire school — doing presentations for every age group over the course of a day or two. When presentations are adapted for the different ages in this way, a whole school is set buzzing about science, comparing notes, comparing stories.

Science Recess

Science enrichment without disrupting your schedule! This is an exciting program where terry captivates the crowd with water bottle rockets, air tube rockets, super large bubbles, and airzooka fog rings. The kids learn some cool science while they play outside. Terry will use available teachers and playground monitors or parent helpers to assist in keeping order, as the kids get really excited.

Please refer to Terry’s brochure for all programming and pricing details.